The tuning forks are used like sonar. They are passed through the energy field locating areas of dissonance, blockages of flow and distortions in the field. The frequency of the forks targets the areas of distortion bringing order into the biofield, or what I like to refer to as "smoothing the energy" to align your inner rhythms. Sound healer Jonathan Goldman has the theory of sound+intention=healing. We believe in this theory as well.

This  vibrational sound therapy technique is gentle and noninvasive. Benefits include balancing the hemispheres of the brain as well as balancing the energy field and the energetic levels of the body. It benefits a wide range of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, pain, digestive disorders, PTSD, emotional discord and more. Not for people with pacemakers or pregnant women.

  • Tune-Up Session $25 (allow 30-45 minutes)
  • Not for pacemakers
  • Not for pregnant women

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Tuning Fork Tune-up

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Tuning forks, gongs, and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls are widely used in sound therapy or sound healing. Awake Healing Alternatives uses tuning forks for sound balancing. Sound balancing is a form of therapy that makes use of frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field that surrounds the human body. 

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