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Meditation is a state of being which brings stillness and tranquility with a greater balance and awareness. It is a different experience for each individual and the process of finding what does and does not work for you is key to successful meditation technique. Meditation comes through many forms that allow for different levels of heightened energies. It brings an overall calmness and a connection to higher levels of consciousness.

Because it can be difficult to find a pathway to meditation that works for you, we are able to assist you with this process at Awake Healing Alternatives. During a private session of meditation instruction with life coach Shelly Williams you will be taught techniques to develop and expand your meditative abilities by focusing on your physical body, mental state, emotions, and spiritual level. 


  • $25 for a 45 minute session


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Aligning and balancing these areas through meditation brings health benefits. It is also possible during meditation to focus on other lifestyle areas where you would like to achieve results and improve your well-being.  

A few examples of health benefits through regular meditation practice include:

  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate by focusing on the physical body
  • Peacefulness and a more positive frame of mind by focusing on the emotional body
  • More mental clarity and creativity comes through focusing on the mental state
  • On the spiritual level meditation can open new ways of being, connecting to a higher consciousness and a sense of self-awareness or higher purpose

These sessions are completely customized to fit your individual journey and are designed to get you started toward a healthier way of easing your hectic life and reducing stress. You will create a healthier, balanced lifestyle as you develop a structured meditation practice using a form that resonates with you, honing your skills in order to be able to successfully meditate on your own.

Meditation Instruction

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