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Customized Sessions are designed to nurture your whole being-mind, body & spirit. Choose from one of Laurel's unique services or you may decide to blend services to meet your needs. 

  • Energy Massage                      
  • Myofacial Release
  • Sound Healing
  • Reiki


Mind Body Spirit Immersion  $65.00

In this 60 minute session we will take your entire well-being into consideration and create an optimal treatment plan to get you started on the road to feeling rejuvenated. 

Myofascial Release $65.00

​By appointment only. Request online or book by phone (303) 668-3732.

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Reiki (or energy work) is an ancient healing technique where the therapist channels energy, directing it through their hands to the client. Reiki is Japanese in origin and means “spiritual” or” natural" energy. The therapist puts her hands on or near the client where the energy is to be directed. This activates the body’s own natural healing abilities and can be used in conjunction with western medicine. It can be used for all discomforts, stress, illness, and disease. Reiki can be used during a massage or by itself. There are no side effects and experiences vary from person to person.

Energy massage uses luxurious strokes of light to moderate pressure in a consistent flow focusing on releasing tension, tightness and energy blocks in the body.  Supports stimulation and balancing of the nervous system activating the body’s natural healing process.  Healing benefits include deep relaxation, increased circulation, flushing of body toxins, and improved muscular function.  In addition, for people with cancer and cancer histories, massage therapy is often a powerful healing intervention.  

Myofascial release (or MFR) is a form of therapy that concentrates on fascial tissue, which is a kind of fibrous connective web surrounding every system and cell in the human body. An extremely high percentage of people suffering from pain and/or lack of motion may be having fascial problems. Because the fascial system is omnipresent in the body, any trauma, repetitive motion or position can cause restrictions resulting in pain. Locating and releasing this tissue with gentle but firm continuous pressure allows it to become more fluid, therefore improving overall wellness and health. MFR can be combined with other forms of therapy, massage, and energy work which enhances it's results. Our therapist, Laurel Valli, is John F. Barnes trained specifically in this technique. ​

Sound Therapy is a unique experience that involves energy massage and the soothing vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowls used directly on tight muscle groups to relieve muscle tension and joint aches.  Singing bowls are also played during your energy healing session promoting deep relaxation for stress reduction and healing of stress related disorders.  Sound vibrational healing has been known to facilitate breaking the pain cycle allowing nerve endings to send new messages to the brain.  The vibrations can boost  your immune system, detoxify down to the cellular level, provide relief from headaches, fatigue, and insomnia in addition to increasing your body, mind, spirit connection.

Our massage therapist/energy healer Laurel Valli offers a Body, Mind Spirit Immersion mixing modalities of energy massage, myofascial release, reiki and sound therapy, customized to fit your needs. Myofascial release is also offered alone. If you are unsure of what service would best suit your needs, contact us with your and we will happily recommend an appropriate method of treatment.

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