Crystals have many energetic functions in addition to their beauty. They can assist you with a variety of energetic purposes such as grounding yourself; raising your energetic vibration; or aligning, opening and balancing your chakras.

We have a selection of raw and tumbled stones to choose from that can be used for reiki, gridding, and healing purposes, or for purely decorative reasons, simply because you are drawn to them. 

Crystal Stones and Pendulums

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  • $.50 - $4 for crystal stones, depending on gemstone type, quality, and quantity
  • $14 - $18 for crystal pendulums

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We also have a selection of crystal pendulums to be used for dowsing purposes.

Pendulums work with a transference of energy, as in kinesiology. The pendulum acts like an antenna, or receiver, picking up energy waves. It is used as a “divining” tool to receive information from a divine source, moving in certain directions from the energy passing through. We can teach you how to use your pendulum.

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