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 Looking at your aura provides insight into your personality traits, helping you identify what lifestyle changes can benefit your overall health and well-being. Through the use of this biofeedback we can make recommendations to assist you in aligning and balancing your physical body with your mental, emotional, and spiritual energetic bodies.

In addition to looking at your aura, we are able to render images of your seven major chakras, which are the nexuses of energy in the human body. By examining your chakras with the aid of the chakra feedback, we can see where you will benefit from opening up the flow of energy and where you can put more focus.

Each chakra relates to a specific area of the body representing our physical, mental, and emotional interactions. 


  • $15 aura and chakra reading, no photo or printout
  • $20 aura and chakra reading with aura photo
  • $30 aura and chakra reading with full printout and aura headshot printout

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As our life-force energy moves through us we stay connected to our higher consciousness. When energy isn’t flowing freely illness can develop. With an understanding of this you will be able to know which chakra coincides with the illness. We offer healing techniques to assist you in opening the flow of energy to assist with your healing.

While the service is a great way to help determine your initial healing needs, it is also a useful tool to evaluate how your aura and chakras change over the course of other forms of treatment—for example, compare your aura and energy levels before and after a session on the crystal bed or a massage.

Chakra Biofeedback

Here at Awake Healing Alternatives it is our goal to assist you in balancing and aligning your energy by providing you with tools to reduce stress and make healthy lifestyle changes. To help with that goal and determine which tools might be best suited for you, we utilize specialized software and aura reading technology to capture live energetic images of your aura, and are capable of graphing and charting your overall energy levels, which we refer to as biofeedback.  

An aura reading allows us to look for areas of imbalance in the chakras and energy fields of body, mind, and spirit. We can gauge your levels of stress/relaxation as well as your emotional energy, providing the foundation for a strategy to manage your stress and improve your overall health. Everyone’s aura is different, and each individual’s aura actually can shift and change in color, size, and potency depending on your state of mind and energy.

Aura Readings

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